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Format: 2015-04-17T21
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Saturday, June 23 - 8:00am

8:00am - 12:00pm
All Committee and Executive Committee Meeting (ALCTS CRS) Committee meeting, Governance/Membership Meeting Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort
Mazatlan C

Saturday, June 23 - 11:00am

11:00am - 12:30pm
Economy Driven Acquisitions: Difficult Realities, New Potential Poster session Anaheim Convention Center
Exhibit Hall Poster Area Table 13
Description :

A commitment to support distant students with electronic content, a shrinking state budget, and inflation led Cline Library at Northern Arizona University (NAU) to allocate the majority of the acquisitions budget to continuing resources; meanwhile, the monograph collection languished, dated and irrelevant. Traditional collection development became a remote luxury since monographic funds were stretched to cover content needed for specific courses. Financial constraints forced the analysis and rejection of former acquisition models and led to processes that updated library content and supported user information needs while expending fewer library resources. After evaluating Purchase on Demand (PDA) models, NAU selected one that best meets University needs. Based on subject profiles, 45,000 records were added to the catalog and the real work of maintenance and monitoring funds began. Webinars and previous experience facilitated planning for record maintenance, but as the process progressed unforeseen challenges arose. Success of the unmediated acquisitions pilot was determined by statistics, rate of expenditure of funds, suitability of titles purchased. The poster features statistics and graphs that represent the criteria used for evaluation and includes valuable considerations for planning and process development that can be applied to future user driven acquisition models.

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Saturday, June 23 - 1:00pm

1:30pm - 3:30pm
Electronic Resources Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Hyatt Regency Orange County
Grand Ballroom B
Description :

Electronic Resource Librarians can't work in a vacuum. Collaboration with colleagues in our libraries, on our campuses, or within our consortia as well communication with subscription agents and vendors are an important part of an ERL's responsibilities. The discussion will center on the research and experience of electronic resources librarians as they work with other players on the electronic resources scene to foster effective relationships.

The presentations will be followed with a question and answer session, as well as an open forum for audience members to share experiences with the panel participants and each other.

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Saturday, June 23 - 4:00pm

4:00pm - 5:30pm
Holdings Information Forum: Quality Standards in Batch Records and Adventures in Cooperative Cataloging: Many Hands Make Light Work Forum/Update Hyatt Regency Orange County
Grand Ballroom B
Description :

In the information rich, content heavy world of today’s cataloging, you might end up with too much of a good thing—or in the case of batch records, what you end up with might not be good enough. Come learn about the valuable experience that large scale digitization projects such as HathiTrust have in collecting record information for content ingest and in creating tools to help institutions get records. Also, hear an update on the HathiTrust Print Holdings Database Project.

Cooperative cataloging allows for shared work to benefit from a variety of experienced participants. The CONSER Open Access Journal Project cooperatively targets the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) to assure that CONSER records are available for all journals in the collection. It is designed to provide on-going coverage of new titles added to DOAJ. CONSER records are used by electronic resource management and access systems to track e-journal collections such as DOAJ and other e-journal collections. Come hear more about the project and plans for future projects. Finally, some libraries have decided that they no longer want to load individual MARC records at all. Learn what other options might be possible in the form of publisher reported holdings via OCLC Worldcat. Working together, we can accomplish more.


Jonathan E. Rothman, Head, Library Systems Office, University of Michigan University Library
Jon Rothman is the Head of the Library Systems Office at the University of Michigan, where he has been managing the collection and use of bibliographic and holdings–related metadata for the HathiTrust. He has been working with batch-processing of library metadata for over 30 years.

Les Hawkins, CONSER Coordinator, Library of Congress
Les Hawkins has worked at the Library of Congress in several positions since 1982 and has been coordinator of the CONSER program since 2003. CONSER is the Cooperative Serials Program of the PCC, an authoritative source for bibliographic records, documentation, and training materials for serials cataloging. As CONSER Coordinator Les provides support to CONSER members in developing cooperative cataloging projects, training material and documentation.

Theodore Fons, Executive Director, WorldCat Global Metadata Network, OCLC
Ted directs three different components of OCLC's metadata services: The Batch Services group coordinates the loading and ongoing synchronization of thousands of library catalogs with WorldCat. Ted brings more than a decade of experience in the integrated library system industry to his role as Director of the WorldCat Global Metadata Network.

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Sunday, June 24 - 8:00am

8:00am - 10:00am
College and Research Libraries Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Hyatt Regency Orange County
Grand Ballroom B
Description :

"The Evolving Challenges of E-Resource Preservation," a meeting presented by the ALCTS Continuing Resources Section College & Research Libraries Interest Group

The transition of library collections from print to electronic formats has presented extraordinary challenges to traditional concepts of preservation. This meeting’s program will address were some of these challenges stand in the rapidly evolving information landscape. The program will feature three short presentations:

“Accessing e-Content in the Portico Archive: Balancing Librarian Needs for Preservation and Ongoing Access” by Ken Difiore (Director of Outreach and Participation Services, JSTOR/Portico): Portico defines digital preservation as “the series of management policies and activities necessary to ensure the enduring usability, authenticity, discoverability and accessibility of content over the very long term.” This definition of digital preservation is the driving force behind our preservation philosophy and practical applications. We will explore these preservation choices through the representation in the audit access provided to over 17,000,000 articles & nearly 17,000 books and the user access provided via trigger and perpetual access to over 580,000 articles & books.

“Perpetual Access to Continuing Resource Collections: We are not Quite There Yet” by Regina Koury (Electronic Resources Librarian, Idaho State University): Idaho State University library had a list of 2012 journal cancellation recommendations from all departments. In preparation for the coming journal cuts, many of which were online only, we joined LOCKSS. This presentation will talk about which headaches joining LOCKSS solved, how we tried to persuade publishers who are not in LOCKSS to join and show examples of library losses when there is no perpetual access agreements in place."

“Evolving Preservation Challenges for Online Resources: The LOCKSS Program Response” by James Jacobs (Government Information Librarian, Stanford University): The LOCKSS Program [], based at Stanford University Libraries preserves what publishers publish; the author's words and the presentation and branding. It enables libraries to keep what they buy on local preservation LOCKSS boxes, separating payment from access.

Following the presentations, we hope for a lively and engaged discussion.

If you have questions about this meeting, please contact the Interest Group Chair, Patrick Carr ( or Chair-Elect, Melissa Behney (

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Sunday, June 24 - 9:00am

9:00am - 11:00am
Managing your Career in Federal Libraries and Information Centers (FAFLRT) Program Red Lion Hotel Anaheim
Serafina A & B
Description :

The technical expertise, training, and management skills gained from your career in librarianship can transition to other jobs in the Federal system and also translate into follow-on careers in other areas. This program will focus on helpful advice for current Federal library personnel; e.g., how to survive downsizing, coping with change, proactively participating in your agency's reorganization, and preparing for your next interesting career path.

The guest speaker, Dr. Sandra Hirsh, Professor and Director, for the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, CA, will offer relevant information for experienced library professionals who might be facing a planned or an unplanned early retirement and who are, therefore, considering new career paths which utilize their skills and education. With the constant addition of new information technologies and changing user needs and expectations, the library and information science profession is one of the most exciting today. Information professionals have developed important skill sets that are being used in innovative ways and are increasingly applicable in a variety of information environments. Dr. Hirsh will explain how new positions have emerged in libraries to meet the changing information landscape as librarians are now working with metadata, e-learning projects, and digital initiatives. Additionally, there are increasing opportunities to apply library and information science skills to other settings in roles such as social media liaisons and taxonomy analysts. Dr. Hirsch, with her combination of academic achievements and professional experiences with global companies, will discuss new career opportunities for library and information science professionals - both inside libraries and in other job settings -- along with strategies for pursuing alternate career paths.

A panel of current and former professional Federal librarians will share their personal experiences in career management, such as applying and transferring to internal or external opportunities, expanding their responsibilities and moving upward during an agency's reorganization, successfully preparing for a desk audit or non-competitive promotion process, and transitioning to a follow-on career.

Speakers will include the following:
Vicky Crone, Head, Continuing Resources Unit, National Agricultural Library;
Richard Huffine, Director, USGS Libraries Program, U.S. Geological Survey;
Jane Killian, Supervisory Librarian, FBI Laboratory Library;
Doria B. Grimes, Senior Analyst, Riverside Technology, Inc., who will explain her smooth transition after Federal retirement to a second career as a contractor;
Blane Dessy, Executive Director, FEDLINK, Library of Congress
Helen Q. Sherman, Director, Component Information Support, Defense Technical Information Center.

During an interactive section, attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and to share their own tips for managing careers in information environments by successfully meeting current challenges and/or moving to new career paths.

Sunday, June 24 - 10:00am

10:30am - 12:00pm
Continuing Resources Standards Forum Forum/Update Hyatt Regency Orange County
Grand Ballroom B
Description :

The Continuing Resources Standards Update Forum presents the latest news on standards and best practices affecting the management of continuing resources at American Library Association conferences. The session is presented by the ALA ALCTS Continuing Resources Section, Continuing Resources Standards Committee and generously sponsored by Swets.

Regina Romano Reynolds, ISSN Coordinator, Library of Congress will give us an update on ISSN and related projects. Todd Carpenter from NISO, co-chairs of ResourceSync, will report on ResourceSync which will research, develop, prototype, test, and deploy mechanisms for the large-scale synchronization of web resources, and it is a joint cooperation between NISO and the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) team. John Hostage from Harvard Law School Library will speak on the IFLA standards which play a pivotal role in the international community.

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Sunday, June 24 - 1:00pm

1:30pm - 3:30pm
Ending the Big Deal: Truth and Consequences Program Anaheim Convention Center
Description :

The dire economic situation facing many libraries has forced librarians to consider cancelling their “Big Deal” journal packages. Although the merits of leaving a large publisher package can be debated, reductions in library funding have left some with no other choice. Please join us for a frank discussion with our panelists who will share their experiences in dismantling Big Deals and address concerns regarding publisher negotiations, the impact on document delivery, and reactions of their user communities.

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Sunday, June 24 - 4:00pm

4:00pm - 5:30pm
Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Hyatt Regency Orange County
Grand Ballroom B
Description :

"Opening Access for a New Era of Scholarly Publishing"

The ALCTS Access to Continuing Resources Interest Group invites you to hear a panel of speakers present on three timely scholarly communication topics. Scholarly communication is going through enormous transformation due to the strong foothold of open access publishing and the desire of authors to retain more control over their copyrights and their works. Open access (OA) mandates are becoming more widespread amongst academic and research institutions, enabling authors to deposit their articles in an open access repository. The University of Kansas (KU) was the first U.S. public university to adopt an OA policy for scholarly articles, and KU led the formation of the Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI). The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) was founded by scholars over fifteen years ago as an open access, continually-updated, authoritative online encyclopedia funded through grants and institutional members. And, responding to the demand for more open access options, many publishers have expanded their open access journal offerings. SAGE Open is one such journal, representing a broad-based open-access option for the social & behavioral sciences and the humanities. Q&A discussion will follow.

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Monday, June 25 - 1:00pm

1:30pm - 3:30pm
Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Update Forum Forum/Update Hyatt Regency Orange County
Pacific Room
Description :

Presentation of the Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee Update Forum

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