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Format: 02/07/2016 - 6pm
Format: 02/07/2016 - 6pm
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Friday, June 22 - 7:00pm

7:30pm - 10:00pm
ALAplay Social event Anaheim Marriott
Marquis Northeast
Description :

This year ALAPlay combines gaming, comics, costumes, and your favorite Time Lords (and ladies)! We invite attendees to dress up in the style of the Doctors, Companions, aliens, and artifacts of Doctor Who OR with the gleaming gears, goggles, corsets and hats of the steampunk aesthetic. Feel free to combine the two (as fans know, Doctor Who has built in quite a bit of steampunk flair to its (?) universe over the years.) We welcome all kinds of costumes, from the simple to the more elaborate: we'd love to see fans takes on a Tardis dress or perhaps a Dalek hat. There are some excellent gender swapping opportunities out there as well -- why not a Time Lady instead of a Time Lord?

The point is to have fun! Games and activities will be provided by the Games and Gaming Round Table (GameRT) while the costumed fun will be led by the Graphic Novel Member Initiative Group.

Did we mention there will be prizes? Because there will. All attendees can enter our raffle at the door for exciting prize packs from a variety of publishers.

Oh, and this year we're kicking off a conference ribbon game called These Aren't the Droids You're Looking for ( To play, you'll need to come to ALAplay to get your game packet and ribbon.

Saturday, June 23 - 1:00pm

1:30pm - 3:30pm
Animated Tales: Storytelling in comics and animation and everything in between Program Anaheim Convention Center
Description :

Readers old and young have grown up fans of animation, cartoons, comics, and graphic novels. Given the renaissance in graphic novels in recent years, it’s no surprise that animators are turning to the printed page to tell their stories. Animation flourishes on TV and in film from Fairly Oddparents! to The Iron Giant to Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the rise of comics has led to all kinds of crossovers between traditional illustration, comics, and animation. Join a diverse panel of creators, including animators and comics creators, to discuss the state of animation and comics, how storytelling is both similar and different in each medium, and which stories belong on the screen or on the page (or both!).

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Sunday, June 24 - 8:00am

8:00am - 10:00am
Graphic Novels & Comic in Libraries MIG Meeting (ALA) Discussion/Interest group Anaheim Marriott
Newport Beach & Rancho Las Palmas
Description :

Business meeting of the Graphic Novels and Comics member Initiative Group. The group will discuss the status of ongoing projects and plans for future activities.

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Sunday, June 24 - 4:00pm

4:00pm - 5:30pm
(Re)telling Stories: Fanart, authorship, and how stories are shared, reconstructed, and retold Program Hilton Anaheim
Avila B
Description :

Fan created works, from fan fiction to fan comics, are an increasingly visible and a richly rewarding way for fans to interact with their favorite stories from books, movies, and TV shows. At the same time, fan works raise a variety of sticky questions concerning copyright, the place of transformative work in literature, authorship, and what it means to be a writer and a reader. The ability to rewrite, recast, or redo a story or character has dramatically shifted the way readers process, share, and connect with works, authors, and other fans.

Writers, artists, and editors who have started out in the fandom world are making the transition to more traditional publishing. Is fan culture a boon to creators? A transgression against the original author’s intent and intellectual ownership? Is it hovering somewhere in between? Join a panel of authors, artists, librarians, and yes, fans, to explore the impact participatory fan culture has had and will continue to have on reading, literature, and how we encounter stories.

Presented by the Graphic Novels and Comics in Libraries MIG

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