Let the Data Talk: Communicating Assessment Results to Stakeholders

Sunday, June 24, 2012 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
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Speaker: Cary Lown

Keynote Cory Lown will provide context, strategies, and resources for creating data visualizations for effective communication. Cory is Digital Technologies Development Librarian at North Carolina State University where he designs and develops applications to improve end-user resource discovery and use of library services.

Following Cory's talk five librarians will provide brief presentations on how they applied data visualization in their libraries:

Rachel Besara, Florida State University: Using Roambi, a mobile business intelligence application
Klara Maidenberg, Ontario Council of University Libraries: Visualizing the Council's Ask a Librarian data
Este Pope, Coconino Community College: Using Prezi to present data to the District Governing Board
Jamie Hollier, Colorado State Library: Using infographics to evaluate a new computer centers
Robert Dugan, University of West Florida: Using Counting Opinions to assess user experiences

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Attached is Cory' Lown's keynote

Attached is Klara Maindenberg's ppt

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Robert Dugan's ppt

Attached is a pdf of Este's presentation.  Here is a link to the Prezi file:



Link To Jamie Hollier's Presentation:


Attached is Rachel Besara's PowerPoint.

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