These Aren't the Droids You're Looking for


This game is based on interactions between the players of the game. The more of the other players you interact with, the more points you can score. You can recognize the other players in the game because you’ll all be wearing these neon green badge ribbons BACKWARDS.

Not the droids you're looking for...

When you get your game packet at the Friday night ALA Play event onsite in Anaheim, you’ll get your ribbon, which will assign you as either a TROOPER, A DROID, R2D2, C3PO, or very rarely, an OBI WAN KENOBI, and your point tokens. The game will begin Saturday morning and will end Sunday evening when we tally up the points at the Library Boing Boing Meetup.

When you see someone who is in the game you need to interact with them, likewise if someone engages you in the game you MUST respond in kind:

  • TROOPERS should say something along the lines of “kkkkkkzzzt – Datacard”
    -- TROOPERS will account for approximately 60% of the player pool and their point tokens will be worth 1 point each
  • DROIDS (that aren’t R2D2 or C3P0) should do a droid call of some sort of “chirp –bleep”
    -- DROIDS will account for approximately 25% of the player pool and their point tokens will be worth 2 points each
  • R2D2 should whistle
  • C3P0 should mention “I am fluent in over 6 million forms of communications"
    -- R2D2 and C3P0 will account for approximately 10% of the player pool and their point tokens will be worth 5 points each
  • OBI WAN KENOBI should not engage anyone but if he is engaged by a fellow player should say “These aren't the droids you’re looking for.”
    -- OBI WAN KENOBI will account for 5% of the player pool and his point tokens are worth 0 to droids / -5 points to TROOPERS / +5 points to R2D2

When you meet another player, after exchanging dialog, you should exchange one token each.

If you collect tokens from the same players repeatedly only one will count as full points. Subsequent tokens will only count as a half point each

At the conclusion of the game your own tokens will only count for a half point each so it’s a good idea to interact with other players to try to gather more points.

Winners will be announced on Monday

Ask one of the game moderators if you need more tokens.


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