Embedded Librarian Best Practices: You Can Do It, We Can Help

Saturday, June 23, 2012 - 8:00am to 10:00am
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Moderator: Deborah A. Nolan, Dean of University Libraries, Towson University
Speaker: Kathleen A. Langan, Humanities Librarian, Western Michigan University
Speaker: Kathleen Pickens-French, Public Services Librarian, Miami University Hamilton
Speaker: Krista McDonald, Director, Rentschler Library, Miami University Hamilton
Speaker: Paul Betty, Distance Learning Librarian, Regis University

Embedded librarianship is not a new term, however, for librarians being partnered with faculty in online classrooms it is becoming a critical job component. Attendees of the session will contribute a tip or frustration of embedding which will be integrated into the program. Following a brief history on embedding, a panel will discuss different types of embedding models as they involve the audience with interactive audience polling. This panel presentation, facilitated by Debbie Nolan, Dean of University Libraries at Towson University, will present embedded librarian models for distance learning at different institutions.

Panelists will give 20 minute presentations on the following topics:

Three’s Company
Kathleen Pickens-French, Public Services Librarian, Hamilton Campus at Miami University and Krista McDonald, Director, Regional Campus Library, Hamilton Campus at Miami University
Pickens-French and McDonald will describe the core model that their embedded librarians have used to create resources pages within their university’s CMS. They will explain the “Three Rule” of keeping content organized, students interested, and the library’s website where it belongs.

Going Beyond the Embedded Librarian: Creating Online Classrooms to Teach Teachers About Information Literacy
By Kathleen Anne Langan, Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University.
Langan will present a pilot program that was introduced to use e-learning technology to introduce information literacy concepts to university instructors and teach them to incorporate these concepts into their curriculum. This presentation will discuss this experience, the importance of using online classrooms as a means of communicating with instructors, and introduce best practices to create similar classes.

Direct and Repeated Interactions: The Regis Experience with Embedded Librarianship
Paul Betty, Distance Learning Librarian, Regis University
Embedded librarianship at Regis University incorporates collaboration between librarians, students, teaching faculty, and instructional designers. Betty will discuss the model the librarians in the Distance Services department have developed to lead to greater rates of “embeddedness.”

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Deborah A. Nolan’s PowerPoint presentation:

Krista McDonald and Kathleen Pickens-French’s PowerPoint presentation:

Paul Betty’s PowerPoint presentation:

Kathleen A. Langan’s PowerPoint presentation: http://prezi.com/crpvywpug6i5/the-by-proxy-librarian/

Beth Filar Williams and Rachel E. Cannady's LibGuide:


I received a print copy of the "Embedded Librarians Bibliography" when I entered the room for this session.  Can you make an electronic copy available here?

Its located online here as a word doc: